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What Easter Season Means to Me

A late Easter season is upon us, and it feels like a great time to reflect upon the season. It is a time of hope and promise. As Easter represents the resurrection of Jesus, so too do we get to relish our own resurrection after the death of our earthly/sinful selves. It is also a changing of seasons, going from the restful(hopefully) winter months into the late spring/early summer months which are generally more active.

As a farmer, the winters are spent thinking about the coming growing season. What resources we will have and where they will be allocated. How much time will I have, and can I do everything this upcoming season while still investing in my family? As a husband and father, I tell my wife that I won't be too busy this season and that I think we'll make time for each other. I explain to my kids that maybe next year there will be enough snow to go sledding, and I'll work on the tree house some more.

The Easter season is a time to over-commit, if I read the previous writings correctly. What an exciting time it is though?! To walk outside to the sun in your face and feel the warmth radiate off of those rays. That is when I know it won't be long and summer will be here. The growing season, baptisms in the lake, water fights, birthdays, pool parties, and yes, hard work awaits me too. I look forward to it all, to have the opportunity to experience all that for another year is truly a blessing. In the end, this season is a time to look forward, be blessed for having our Savior and relish the idea that you get to experience another season of life on earth.


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