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The Reasons

Below is a beginning recap of Delbert's journey writing the book "The Other 1%: The Story of a Small Family Farm"

Cattle On Spring Pasture

When I started this project, I wasn’t sure how the book would be structured, or even what it would be about. I contemplated a fiction book but decided the work required could not be completed in the time frame I had. I still didn’t know what I would write about, but as events unfolded I decided I was going to illustrate life on the farm.

It was a tumultuous time on the farm when I started putting words on screen. This came across as raw, and unrefined feelings and thoughts. As I got further in the writing process, I realized I needed a purpose. What was that purpose going to be? I had been grappling with the fact that many of our customers had no idea of the difficulties inherent with our production practices, and the emotional toll it takes when things don’t go as planned.

Dead Chickens from Fox Attack

With my purpose in hand, to connect with customers, I set out to finalize the book. It took a lot of help from others, but I created something I believe illustrates the difficulties of our type of farming and creates something actionable: Attend farm events, and get to know the family. First though, you can read the complete introduction below: Check us out at, purchase my book “The Other 1%” here,


As I watched the pile of dead grow larger, I realized our customers had no idea the struggles associated with growing amazing food in a natural environment. We all have an impact on the natural world. Our management of each of our parts impacts the larger community. Only after I had buried the dead did I realize I need to make a connection with this community. In the United States today, 1% of the population are farmers. Of these, only 47.8% farm as a primary occupation. That is 3 tenths of 1%. There are 2 times as many prisoners in the U.S. then there are primary farmers, in a land where Thomas Jefferson wrote “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” I am one of the 3 tenths of 1%, I’ve been farming for 10 years and I am afraid. What keeps me up at night is that it is easy for the 99.7% to marginalize something they don’t see, understand or value. However, there is a growing segment of the population who cares where their food comes from and who grew it, this book is for you. 82.3% of households purchase organic goods, a subsection of this population dares to take a step further and know more, this book is for you too. This story is the recollection of a journey through time of a small family farm. It showcases the ups and downs associated with humane animal agriculture, and farm life. From the joys of raising a family on the farm to the sadness of losing thousands of animals. You will make a connection with the ever-shrinking small family farm and understand the value of keeping these farms viable. After reading this story, you will be privy to a world full of life, death, and love. From this knowledge, comes a new connection and community around great food, great people, and great environments.

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