Sunfield Pasture-Raised Half-Pork Deposit

Sunfield Pasture-Raised Half-Pork Deposit

Available NOW!!!

Our Sunfield Pork is raised outside and never crated. Not only that, they are finished under our oak glen giving them ample space to root, find shade, and enjoy their pigginess. They are supplemented with conventional, whole kernel corn and strategically rotated around the oak forest to better meet their mineral needs.

  • Deposit and Weight Info

    Pre-Cut: email or message through the website to discuss how these are cut. 

    Total Price Out The Door: As these are pre-cut, delivery is available immediately, and the out the door price is $471.26. No Deposit Necessary!

    This is a $250 deposit to secure your order for a half hog. The price per pound hanging weight due on delivery is $4.25 minus deposit plus processing costs. We strive to have an average hanging weight of 75 lbs per half. This means some pork will weigh more and some will weigh less.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Refunds are not guaranteed on deposits. At our discretion, if the fulfillment date on the order exceeds 10 weeks, we may refund your deposit.

    We guarantee this will be the best pork you have ever tasted because of how we raise them. This means if you are not satisfied with your pork, we will make it right by either discount, exchange, or refund. At our discretion we may ask for the pork to be returned.

  • Delivery Info

    Immediate Delivery Available!!!

    We deliver to your house or localized pick-up location depending on sales volume and time of year. We do not keep inventory. Once enough deposits are collected, hogs are processed. Expect delivery 10 to 16 weeks from your order time unless otherwise specified.